I mean, the really short answer to the title is on youtube producing KordKutters. The longer answer is that I’ve honestly just not felt like posting on this blog. I tend to have so many things going on in my week that adding blogging to the mix seems crazy.

KordKutters has been sucking up my time

Also, just to keep this between us, I think I may have been suffering from a bit of depression for a little while. I didn’t notice it at the time, but sometime around March or early April I suddenly discovered a great deal more energy to work with than I’d had for quite some time. It was honestly like a switch had flipped.

Since then, I’ve gone back to what I do best: applying for jobs that I don’t get. My background perfectly fits my doing what I do for Kodi, and perfectly fails to capture the requirements for any other job out there. It’s been a wild ride. Since I stopped working for the car dealership in 2011ish, I have never had a fulltime job. Everything, even the work that takes up a full 40 hours of my week, has been contract work or similar. And yet since that time I’ve kept 2 different blogs tracking my work, created a relatively successful Youtube channel, and watched XBMC/Kodi grow from 500k users to over 20 million.

At this point, I’ve concluded that I’m just a terrible interviewee. I can’t figure any other reason out. Not getting a job in my 30s has become my not getting a girlfriend from my 20s. I’m obviously doing something wrong, but I’m not really sure what it is.

Nevertheless, setting aside the job issue, things have really been going very well. I’ve traveled all over the place: Prague, Porto, Lisbon, Budapest, London, Munich, London*, Cambridge, and Dublin, to name some of the European cities. I’ve met and chatted with the team that makes the Raspberry Pi.  I’ve given talks in New York, LA, Sonoma Valley, and Thiruvananthapuram, India. A cute college girl poked me in the belly in Thiruvananthapuram, because she thought my belly was delightfully large.

* I really like London

Someone in this picture poked me right in the belly, and it was the most charming thing ever

I’ve produced multiple videos with over 200,000 views for my kordkutters channel, as well as a near 700,000 view video for TeamXBMC. Though for my money, this video is better. That’s the only video I’ve ever produced with 3D graphics designed specifically for it!

The KC Royals won the World Series in New York WHILE I WAS IN NEW YORK! I didn’t get to see it live, unfortunately, because I’m not some rich guy that can afford World Series tickets, and because I got a 24 hour stomach flu the day of the game. It was still really awesome.

I’ve been invited to the Linux Open Source Leadership Summit twice, and actually got to give a (very) sparsely attended talk this year about trademark law and open source software.

There’s more. I’ve gotten to see my nieces and nephew grow up. I helped redesign the GUI of Kodi. Hell, I essentially led every aspect of Kodi’s renaming transformation from XBMC to Kodi, from settlement to rename to logo development to worldwide trademarking to the formation of a new Kodi Foundation.

It’s been a pretty wild ride since last I posted in here. I’m only sad I don’t have records from those times. I’d love to have blogposts detailing what it was like while it was happening.

I can’t guarantee that I’ll do more posting here from now on. Maybe this will be yet another one off for 2018. But I can say that I’ll at least try to remember to write things down here when they happen from here on out.