One of the most frequently asked questions, once people get XBMC set up and all the media is imported, is how to stop XBMC from always displaying subtitles on every single movie by default.

While the XBMC player does not give more granular control by movie language, it does allow you to globally turn on and off auto-subtitling. By default, they are turned on. To turn them off, one can simply start playing any video, open the menu (if you have a keyboard, you can do this by pressing the ‘m’ key), and navigate to the audio submenu.

From there, simply navigate down to Enable Subtitles, untick the box, and navigate down to Set As Default For All Movies.  That button, simply enough, sets your current settings as default. For a visual run through, see the video below.

Thanks for watching! And if you happen to have a question or tip, feel free to tweet me @xbmc or simply write in the comments below, and we’ll see if we can’t feature you next week!

  • Brady Vidovic

    You did the demo at 2:00 AM? Now that’s dedication!

  • shafdaddy

    Good job, I can’t wait for all the new installments. I may even start sending some of my clients here to see what they can learn about the media centers I set up for them.

  • Macer

    Thank you. I couldn’t find it. It was driving me crazy.¬†

  • Brian

    i would just like to only show the subtitles when the alien race speaks, like in “Thor”

  • melody

    Ok I have Chinese subtitles on my screen while watching a movie I tried turning my subtitles off and everything else and still have them what do I do

    • Sandy

      Did you get a response? I have the same problem. I turned off subtitles and I still have Chinese subtitles! How do you stop all subtitles?

  • Pam

    Doesn’t get rid of them on new movies

  • Andrew Pears

    My screen keeps rotating so it is across the screen the wrong way can’t seem to fix it please help!!!!

  • Carlos

    Hey I was wondering how do u turn of subtitles while the video is playing cause the subtitle menu keeps popping up every time I choose a movie to Watch