Rather than focusing on developer work within the team, we thought we’d switch this post up to focus on work by the community at large. But before we do, a quick announcement.  For those of you who don’t already know, we’ve decided to name XBMC 12 (the one coming after Eden*) Frodo, after one of the three XBMC founders.  You can learn a bit more about Frodo here. As always, the Team wishes him well over at MediaPortal.

Now, let’s take a look around the community:

TV Guide

The Simplicity TV Guide

First, continuing our discussion of XBMC remotes we had last week, Heiner Bach has created the XBMC Commander app for iOS.  Check the link for all kinds of picture goodness, and visit the XBMC Commander forum post to learn a bit more of how XBMC Commander came to be. The important bit is that XBMC Commander is at v2.0+ and stable. Most reviews of this software remote appear to be positive, and Heiner does a great job of keeping up with JSON-RPC to keep his remote as up to date as possible.

A few caveats: due to recent code changes, XBMC Commander won’t work with XBMC nightlies, so it is recommended that you use the officially supported XBMC 10.1. Also, XBMC Commander costs $3.99, which isn’t a terrible price in the iOS universe, particularly not when you get some well coded software. However, if you don’t have an iOS device, that price could swell a little.

Also, if you do have an iPad, we hear jailbreaking it might be fun…

Next, we turn to the TV Guide found within the skin Simplicity, coded by skilled skinner Chase Williams (igotdvds). As Chase was working on Simplicity, it struck him that the Next Aired script (also available in the addons section and made by skilled python coder ppic) was not being used by skinners to its full potential. He wanted a simple way to see which of his shows was coming up soon, and which were a few weeks or months away, and he wanted all this info visible on a single screen. After a great deal of messing around with xml files and bugging people for help (big thanks to skilled skinner Hitcher there), he got the entire setup working.

Neon Skin

The XBMC skin Neon

Since coding the TV Guide, Chase has released it into the wild, where it’s been incorporated by a few other attractive skins, including the recently released Neon, which is a mix of Aeon and Night by brilliant user and skinner Stoli. Visit the forum to learn more about Neon and feel free to download it from the skins addon section within XBMC. TV Guide has also be reportedly incorporated into Shade and Transparency (both of which may be found in the skin addon section). Update: It appears it also exists in Back Row.

Finally, many of you have been asking about incorporating XBMC into your social networks a la Boxee. While there is no native method for incorporating XBMC into any social networks, The website trakt.tv does provide a social networking plugin designed to help you share your likes and dislikes. This plugin can be downloaded from XBMC’s official TV plugin directory within XBMC, but before you download it, it is recommended that you sign up at trakt.tv and take a quick look at the forum post about the plugin.

That just about wraps it up for this post. Keep an eye out for this week’s Feature Friday and we hope to get some developer news to you sooner rather than later. Until then, watch a movie or TV show or something!

*To head off any requests and questions, Eden will be out when it is finished, and not a moment sooner. We appreciate your curiosity, but we’ve still got a ways to go.

  • http://www.nowebsite.no TheCooK

    lo there…

    is there still no android version in developement? since we got all the IOS devices covered, it would be nice to see xbmc on an android tablet.
    i am a bit in a rush because my birthday is in may and i’d like to get me a tablet that does xbmc… so apple is the only choice i have???


  • Varazir

    Why only promoting Apple apps ?

  • natethomas

    Which apps are you referring to? I wrote about 1 iOS app. I then wrote about various platform agnostic scripts and skins. The one iOS app I spoke about has recently been picking steam in the community, so I figured it was worth talking about. The comparable (and free) Android app has been written about at length and has neither picked up nor lost steam.

    Does that answer the question?

  • natethomas

    @theCook, at the moment Apple is your only choice for a tablet. While there is a little work being done on Android, I’d personally be shocked if it were completed by any time in May.

    I’m absolutely with you though. It’d be wonderful to see XBMC on Android, WebOS, and even fully functional on MeeGo.

  • Varazir

    @natethomas Should maybe have checked the other news on the page :)

  • Roberto Giardina

    Hi all, can any one tell me if Eden Live CD will be based on Ubuntu 11.04 ?

  • http://passion-xbmc.org/ ppic

    next version of trakt.tv add-on will include more social interaction from xbmc, you’ll be able to vote and wrote shout directly from xbmc :D

  • LoA

    I hope there will be a way to run Spotify from a XBMC Live-installation soon. I´m not sure what the problem is (legal or technical) but some reasonable way to install via addon would be really appreciated. I imagine I´m not the only one…

  • generator

    The iPhone only version is just 99 cents. The iPad/iPhone version is 3.99. I already have the XBMC remote app, but I’m not really pleased with it. So I guess I’m gonna check this one out. It seems to be the best app out there for now?

  • rflores2323

    Great write up. The neon skin is great. My fav new skin. Has everything your looking for in the skin and works great on the atv2. great job to stoli.

  • http://czarism.com Czar

    Thanks for the update, Simplicity looks nice yet my TV Guide isn’t work. Guess I’ll have to install some add-on to get that feature working? Also Trakt looks awesome, signed up and installed that add-on.

  • natethomas

    Czar, you need to install and run the Next aired addon (in the TV addon subcategory).

  • Anon

    Great update; thank you.

    But did all the links need to be masked behind bit.ly?

  • jgslima

    XBMC Commander is beautiful. I did not know it.
    I am considering buying an iPad because of that (seriously).

  • PiCaRd359

    This might not be as beautifull as the iOS app but it does the job nicely on any OS.

  • Anonymous

    From the looks of it the TV Guide uses ClearLOGOs from fanart.tv as well, I’m not sure if it downloads them itself or relies on them already being on your system though?

  • http://fanart.tv Kode

    From the looks of it the TV Guide is using ClearLOGOs from fanart.tv, not sure if it downloads them itself or requires them to be on the users system already though?

  • http://trakt.tv Justin

    For those running a nightly build of eden, check out trakt utilities as well. It’s a good way to sync up your xbmc library with the trakt website, plus get your recommendations and see what’s trending right from within the xbmc interface. thread with details: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?p=778159

  • igotdvds

    There is a button within the skin settings that downloads all necessary images once the Logo Downloader addon is installed.

  • Juno

    Why not to write something about Openelec?

  • Juno
  • Sharpe

    Lol overlooked again :) just for info – igotdvd’s excellent TV Guide is also available in the Back Row skin (which also can found in the skin addon section).

  • bAum

    yes; it’s currently the best app out there

    the most important thing, though, is that it is actively developed&maintained, unlike XMBC remote by collect3 which is dead

  • djdafreund

    Sharpe is correct, Back Row was in fact the FIRST skin to properly implement using igotdvd’s TV Guide, and as well as first to using the banner.jpg’s. That kinda hurts a little considering not even being mentioned as a skin on the list for having support, let alone being the first around to supporting it. ;) Wouldn’t bother as much if we weren’t trying so hard to always be tip top up to date with using the latest and greatest inside. :) It’s ok though.

  • ppic

    well doesn’t hurt so much i haven’t been mentionned too :-)

  • Sharpe

    Hahaha – you know you’re special!

  • djdafreund

    Yeah, of course you rock ppic :) :)

  • natethomas

    ppic! I’m not sure how it escaped my mind to fail to mention the person that actually made the TV Show Next Aired script! Also, I’ve updated the post about Back Row and will edit to name ppic.

  • http://passion-xbmc.org/ ppic

    no big deal ;-) thanks

  • Sharpe

    Cheers nate!

  • Bos

    “XBMC Commander won’t work with XBMC nightlies, so it is recommended that you use the officially supported XBMC 10.1″

    Does the official 10.1 still crash with the 4.3.1 jailbreak?