Users of XBMCbuntu have not gotten to enjoy the recent labors of the XBMC team, as all major alpha releases have been exclusively built for OSX and Windows. While no official alpha releases are available from the Team, sraue and XBMC Freak are currently offering up an extremely alpha release, if you are comfortable dealing with some almost guaranteed bugs. This release includes the already discussed AudioEngine goodies, XvBA for AMD Radeon users, and more.

You can download it from XBMC Freak.

The last item necessary to fully pull all versions of XBMC into par with AirPlay support has been added in the June dev cycle. Thanks to the work of Memphiz and WiSo, Windows XBMC users can now receive AirPlay video, which has been an option for a while, and music, which has not. This added functionality should already be available in a nightly build, but, unless you are extremely comfortable debugging, at the very least it is recommended that you wait until the June cycle is completed.

Getting to feature complete in this category is a very important step for XBMC in much the same way Addon Rollbacks were a big step. Over time it’s becoming ever more clear that users value easy of use and control over any other thing.

Consider the original Xbox Media Player. Why did people like it? It had attractive menus. It was vaguely reminiscent of TiVo. But most importantly, it did an absolutely amazing job of giving you an easy way to access your movies, pictures, and music in the way you wanted to access them.

As time rolls on, XBMC (or a derivative) remains the single best way to to view your local content on the big screen. But with the passage of time, the innovation comes, not from bigger and better screens or faster and more accurate menus, but from new, alternative (and easily setup) ways to interact with media altogether.

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